“I would highly recommend Fairway Collections as one that takes action and has shown success in collecting outstanding debts”
– Eleanor M. Couto P.S. Attorney at Law

“I love Fairway Collections attitude of always being willing help.”
- Bonnie Dyer, Heritage Bank

“Fairway Collections always works well with us.  I wish all of our clients would use Fairway”. 
- Robin Jensen EF Recovery Systems

“Fairway Collections is on the ball, and really great to work with.”
- Kaitlyn Willis, Systems Design



The user-friendly level of cooperation we provide to our clients, and the quality of our staff, and the level of service we deliver throughout every level of our organization defines who we are.

We hope that you will give us that opportunity to meet with you so that we can tailor a program that will enable us to deliver on your definition of the ideal agency relationship. Because we respect your time and your importance to your department, we will never subject you to canned sales pitches and we do not make empty promises or unsupported "sales" claims. What we can guarantee, however, is a total commitment to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to develop the relationship that you want.

We hope you will recognize that our commitment to providing a total service package to you, and the quality of that effort sets us apart from most agencies. A true quality partnership encompasses far more than just "collections."

That is what defines who we are as an organization -
That is the Fairway difference.

Should you decide to utilize Fairway's services, we are confident that you will find our cooperation, ethics, and effectiveness unmatched in the collection industry.

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Execution is where the
rubber meets the road;
the success of a new client
relationship relies on
the quality of the plan
and the people who
will execute it.